iPhone Worldwide Unlock 6+/6/5S/5C/5/4s Only [NO REFUND FOR RELOCK]**[IMPORTANT1: BEFORE ORDER PLACE MUST UPDATE YOUR IPHONE LATEST VERSION...[IMPORTANT2: Only few imeis CAN relocked..do not use itunes = no relock...do not make update = no relock...make update direct from phone(use wifi) = hope no relock] "PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT WRONG CARRIER / UNLOCK IMEI. WE ARE UNABLE TO REFUND THIS IMEI."

Sony & SonyXperia UK and Ireland Network NCK Code by IMEI(1-3 Working Days)

Delivery Time: 1-3 days

Price: USD 20

NOTE: MAKE SURE YOUR MOBILE NOT COUNTER BLOCKED IN THIS SERVICE NO WAY FOR REFUND MONEY.  WE NEED ONLY IMEI NUMBER OF YOUR PHONE TO GET YOUR CODES  The Service will give ALL LEVEL Codes if available for the given IMEI Before ordering check Unlock Counters For new Sony and Xperia Phones READ VERY CAREFULLY NOT TO HAVE HASSLE WITH WRONG CODES  1.Switch on your phone without SIM card Compose *#*#7378423#*#* 2.Select Service Info and then Simlock If X is with Network and it is not 0 you can unlock your phone via code 3.If X is 0  or  255 Umlimited your counter is locked and unlocking via code is not possible.  ========================================= Before ordering You must see something like this in counter menu: (X) Network  - 5 or 10 or any other digit except 0 (Code guaranteed to work) () Network Subset - 0 () Service Provider -0 () Corporate -0 () SIM -0  ========================================== If ur phone shows another thing like below, DO NOT ORDER, CODE WILL NOT WORK (X) Network  -0  or 255 Unlimited  (blocked counter) () Network Subset - 0 () Service Provider -0 () Corporate -0 () SIM -0  ========================================== if u see counter  (0)  in the network row , order ON YOUR OWN RISK, No refunds if code doesnt work (0) Network  - 10  (it must be  (X) Network ) (X) Network Subset - 0 (X) Service Provider -0 (X) Corporate -0 (X) SIM -0   ALSO DO NOT ORDER TELCEL MEXICO IMEIS NO REFUNDS ON TELCEL REQUESTS AS WELL!!!

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